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Communication With Parents

We believe that good communication between home and school is crucial. We share information in many ways including -

Telephone - 01933 622415

Please phone the school with urgent messages such as information about a change to who is picking your child up or if they are unwell. Mrs Vaughan can also help you with any other queries you may have.


E-mail -  

You can email the school office using the address above or email your child's class teacher directly using the addresses below;

Miss Underwood (Robin Class) -  

Mrs Maxwell (Kingfisher Class) -  

Mrs Smith (Kingfisher Class) -  

Miss Wilcox (Owl Class) -  (On Maternity Leave from March 2022)

Miss Ellson (Owl Class) -  (Maternity Cover from March 2022)

Miss Fry (Puffin Class) -  

Miss Cumley (Eagle Class) - 

Mr Fisher (Red Kite Class) - 



We use Twitter to share the exciting things we do at school, you can follow the School Twitter Account here - Raunds Park Infant School Twitter Feed

All Class teachers also have their own twitter page, you can click the link below for your child's class;

Robin Class - Miss Underwood's Twitter Feed

Kingfisher Class - Mrs Maxwell and Mrs Smith's Twitter Feed

Owl Class - Miss Wilcox's Twitter Feed  Miss Ellson's Twitter Feed

Puffin Class - Miss Fry's Twitter Feed

Eagle Class - Miss Cumley's Twitter Feed

Red Kite Class - Mr Fisher's Twitter Feed

Please speak to a member of staff for more information or a quick training session! You don't need your own Twitter Account to view the posts, you can simply click the link.


In person

Members of staff are usually at the doors in the morning and end of school for you to have a quick talk to. If you would like to talk to a member of staff in more detail an appointment can be made via the class teacher or school office.


Interactive Learning Diary

In the EYFS staff and parents share information about their child's development. Please see the EYFS section of this website for more information,



In Key Stage 1, Class Teachers share information about the children's learning using 'Padlet', it is a bit like an online notice board.  Each Teacher has a Class Padlet and a Topic Padlet. There is the opportunity for you to contribute comments, photos or videos with any learning or acheivements from home on the Padlets.  Links to the Padlets can be found in your child's blue home school book or by contacting your child's class teacher.