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Who's Who

These are the people who work at our school:

2021/22 Teaching Staff

Staff NameRole
Mrs Lisa Jeffery  Head Teacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Pupil Premium Lead, History, Geography, PSHE and RE Subject Leader
Miss Julia Underwood Deputy Head Teacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead, SENCo, Robin Class Teacher (EYFS)
Miss Karen Wilcox (On Maternity Leave) Owl Class Teacher (Year 1), Key Stage 1 Leader, English Subject Leader, Computing Subject Leader
Mr Luke Fisher Red Kite Class Teacher (Year 2), Mathematics Subject Leader, PE Subject Leader, KS1 Leader (Maternity Cover)
Miss Rosie Fry Puffin Class Teacher (Year 1), Science Subject Leader, Writing Leader (Maternity Cover)
Miss Emma Ellson (Maternity Cover)  Owl Class (Year 1), Reading Leader (Maternity Cover)
Mrs Rachel Maxwell Kingfisher Class Teacher (Reception), EYFS Leader, Art & Design Subject Leader, Design & Technology Subject Leader
Mrs Sophie Smith 
Kingfisher Class Teacher (Reception) 
Miss Charlotte Cumley Eagle Class Teacher (Year 2), Music Subject Leader

2020/21 Teaching Assistants

Assistant NameRole
Mrs Jill Elliott-Potter Cover Supervisor
Mrs Jenny Jeffrey EYFS Support 
Mrs Sarah Masson KS1 Support
Mrs Rose Keddie EYFS Support
Mrs Joss Sapwell KS1 Support, Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Chloe Saunders-Barnes EYFS Support
Mrs Sam Reade EYFS Support
Mrs Stephanie Chambers Speech and Language Support
Mrs Hannah Hall EYFS Support

Office Staff

Staff NameRole
   Administrator, Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mid-day Supervisors

Supervisor Name
Miss Vicky Hardy
Miss Jo Reade
Mrs Rebecca Evans
Mrs Cheryl Mcllory

Cleaning Staff

Supervisor Name
Mrs Brenda Burgess
Mrs Adelle Rooksby

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